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Safe Sex Dolls is a safe site to purchase your realistic sex doll

Safe Sex Dolls only sells 100% authentic dolls from the top manufacturers such as WM Dolls, SE Doll, JY Dolls, JL Dolls, AI-Tech, IRONTECH Dolls, Piper Doll and HR Dolls. When you buy a doll from us you can be 100% certain that you are getting an official authentic and high quality doll.

Avoid scams

At Safe Sex Dolls, we are asked frequently to price match sex dolls from other websites that have much lower prices. The large majority of these sites are online scams that are made to look like legitimate businesses. Sometimes they mislead customers by showing pictures of high quality TPE or Silicon dolls, but then ship out cheap inflatable dolls. Other times, they are selling knock off dolls that they are trying to pass off as authentic dolls which are much lower quality.

Do not fall victim to the scams out there. The cheap dolls they are selling may look very similar in the pictures on their website, but they are not the same at all. They are not durable and not nearly as life-like or as realistic as our authentic dolls.

Authentic Dolls

Our dolls are manufactured by the top sex doll manufacturers in the world:


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