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Real Sexy Sex Doll

Can Dolls Be Better Than Dating?

Although a TPE real sex doll is very realistic it is definitely not a replacement for a human relationship. However, many men find dating in this era more difficult and complex. Let’s face it, dating can be difficult and our needs are not always met even if you have a great relationship. So how can sex dolls be better than dating?

1. Sex Dolls Are Always Down

Dating is not only about sex. I know what you are thinking, “Thank you captain obvious!”. But seriously dating early on has many facets. When dating, people are trying to get to know one another so sex isn’t necessarily an option early on in the dating process. It’s also not a very good idea to pressure your date for something they may not be ready for, it could ruin everything. But, men still have needs to tend to.

Why not let date night end without any pressure or expectations (which will make you seem less needy and more confident anyway) and let your real sex doll fulfill your needs?

2. Sex Dolls Don't have STIs

Let’s face it, STIs are out there and a new partner is not always honest or just may not know they have an STI they could pass on to their next partner. With a sex doll you don’t have to worry about getting any STIs. You can have sex with your doll with no worries while you take time to get to know your real human date. 

It’s a Win Win.

3. Sex Dolls Don't Cheat

Is she still on Tinder? Is she dating any other men besides me? All legitimate questions to ask yourself in the dating scene. You could always skip all that and get sex doll.

Sex dolls are very loyal 🙂

4. Sex Dolls Don't Judge

We have all been there… Have been on a series of dates and we can tell that our lady friend is not attracted to us. Hey, we all can’t be as attractive as Brad Pitt can we? 

Men are visual, maybe we just attempt to get women that are a bit out of our league too often. Whatever the case, going on a dry spell like that can really hurt a guy’s confidence and leave us with unfulfilled needs.

However, a sex doll does not judge at all. A sex doll is always there for you ready to meet your needs no matter what. Sure a sex doll can’t offer everything that a real human female relationship can, but you have to admit it has it’s place.

5. Sex Doll Dates Don't Cost Money

When you have a night out with a sex doll she doesn’t need you to buy her dinner, drinks, take her to the movies, or drive her anywhere. When you consider the ever rising cost of dating (mostly for the men) a sex doll looks even more attractive.

Sex dolls are not a cheap investment initially, but they pay for themselves very quickly. 

6. Sex Dolls Always Have Your Attention

Sex dolls don’t ignore you while they text their friends or browse social media. It is really annoying and hurtful when your date cuts you off mid sentence to answer a text.

Take a break from that and get a sex doll because sex dolls don’t use cell phones or technology!

We aren’t suggesting that sex dolls can replace a real relationship or the dating scene. However, sex dolls are a legitimate option depending on your current life situation. Sex dolls can be used for a variety of different purposes and people and we hope that you see the value in owning one.

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