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Are sex dolls safe?

Even though our business is called Safe Sex Dolls people often question if it is ok to own a sex doll and wonder if they are safe. In short, yes sex dolls are very safe.

1. No risk of pregnancy

Sex dolls are safe for many reasons, but one of the most beneficial safety features of a sex doll is that it is impossible for a sex doll to become pregnant. Although this may seem obvious it is major a benefit to using a sex doll. Unplanned pregnancies are a risk in regular human relationship and can change your life in ways that you never expected. When using a sex doll there is no risk of pregnancy and no need to use a contraceptive.

2. No risk of sexually transmitted diseases

One of the most dangerous risks of having sexual intercourse with another human is the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease or infection. Sex dolls remove this risk almost entirely (providing that you do not share your sex doll with anyone else)

3. Can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer

Yes, believe it or not the more orgasms you have reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer by 22% 

As you can see there are many reasons why having a sex doll is not only safe but beneficial to your health. To see how real our sex dolls are check out this video of one of  the dolls that we sell on this site.

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