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A young man holding sex doll for men with a balloon in hand

Sex dolls make the best sex bet during social distancing

A young man holding sex doll for men with a balloon in hand

Hey, cutie pie!

Never trust the words “hard times create tough men and women.” We are in the most challenging times of history, and to our surprise, we don’t see any effing tough souls. In fact, it’s weakening everyone of us mentally & physically. If you feel the same, trust us, we are into your F. boots. The spread of coronavirus has drained all the philosophies down the gutter.

I mean… look at yourself. Work from home is the new normal, and you’ve no other option than to stare at your screens all day long. The home is biting. The family seems the enemy. Friends and socialising are the things of the past. Utensils, house-cleaning, and all the menial works are adding up to the misery.

The only de-stressing escape was sex! But how long would that work too? Afterall, sex gets monotonous at some point in time.

Anxiety and depression are piling up.

All the sports leagues have been canceled. You can’t travel. Everyone has to give up on Starbucks gatherings. The dopamine is on all-time low. Torn between work and no- fun activities— stress, anxiety, and depression are piling up. Couples and friends are practising distancing, some because of the corona norms, and some because of the lockdowns.

Either way, it’s getting difficult to keep up with sanity.

And we have no clue where we are heading to

Left or right, small or big governments— most of the countries have failed to contain the not so noble virus, the novel coronavirus. And over the top of that, we have no clue where we are heading to.

Lockdowns and re-openings have become like morse-codes— dots and dash— killing the normalcy. No trace of vaccines is a worrying trend. Hospitals are too stuffed with corona patients to address other issues such as mental health.

But not everything is terrible with the lockdown. Sex toy industries are travelling extra-mile to contain insanity, if not Corona.

Idiots are those who say sex takes away your sanity. It’s otherwise. Sex dolls and sex toys are the ultimate sources of novelty effect in the virus eruption. It is why their sales have gone up following the first case in the United States. What do I mean by novelty effect?

Well, loneliness, work, and overfamiliarity have the same conclusion. You end up having a lousy sex life. Sad when it’s the only source of entertainment we have within our four-chambered walls. Isn’t it?

Your brain needs something new to feed on! And sex dolls and toys feed the much-needed novelty. And novelty brings back your sanity. I double dare you to try it out. You don’t have to trust my words. It’s why sex toy industries are taking care of our domestic-stress with sophisticated sex dolls that mimic humans so that we enjoy frolicking times ahead.

Sex dolls are safe sexual partners with restrictive social distancing norms.

So if you’re separated with your partner or not able to score an intimacy mate, sex dolls are proving to be quite useful in safe penetration without the risk of the spread.

The best part is— the couples are purchasing it too for whisking spice in their boring sex lives. Hetro or homo, spinsters or married, these dolls are catered so you can romp with them as you like.

And not just coronavirus, you’ve no risk of transmitting any sexual disease. Annnnnd! Do I need to mention pregnancy? You aren’t having kids unless you’ve some magical powers to reproduce with a doll.

Sex dolls also keep your sexual starvation on the check.

A good creative of sex doll inclusive of a toy car

With gathering, dating, brothels, hangout joints curtailed, how do you expect to bring back the normality? Sex dolls answer all the tough questions. It keeps you in isolation and bestows enjoyment so that normality hits back.

You no longer have to freak out with sexual starvation, when you’re already bothered with loneliness and over-familiarity. Say goodbye to the virus-catching risk. Drape sexy clothes on your doll, talk to it, enjoy its company, and bust all your stress.

And yeah, it’s a good listener as it’s never nagging! And you can also practice good physical exercise when you haven’t burnt calories throughout these months. Any position, any job— the sex doll is up to satisfy your sexual hunger without any disagreement.

Reasons why sex dolls are better than real sex partner in pandemic

The full-size human replicas of sex dolls behave as we do. They tap our sexual desires as any human being does. With the human-like body, warmth sensors, and moaning dolls, they’re as good as living sexual partners. 

But one thing which puts these dolls above your locked lovers and friends is ‘social distancing doesn’t apply to her.’ Here’s why she is better than a real sex partner in these challenging times.

  • She’s loyal to you. No matter how much partners love each other. They always have the risk of spreading and catching the virus. But both of our dolls: a sex doll for men and sex doll for women are incredibly loyal to you! Once you’ve ordered them, they’re living with you— listening to your stories— cuddling throughout without stepping out of place.
  • Social distancing rules don’t apply to her. Re-openings don’t guarantee freedom from social distancing. Brothels, spas, and hangout joints may continue to deem non-essential. That’s when the sex doll will rescue from a sex-deprived life. No one would check on you—no virtue signalling. Have fun the way you want without thinking much about the rules.
  • You have a customised partner. Still wondering why you didn’t confess with your crush? Or your spouse not giving sensual reasons to attack? Fret not! You’ll have the partner you dreamt off! The next door girl who rejected your proposal, or the high-school teacher who declined your feelings. Describe your favorite persona, and we’ll have it delivered to your doors. Put on any cloth you like— Corsets & bustiers or see-through lingerie and have the time of lockdown.
  • The abundance of sex can result in pregnancy. One thing that’s readily available in a pandemic is lots of sex. You have all the time in the world to hit your bed or the kitchen shelves. Whether you hold your horses with protection or not, the chances are high the fetus would boom. If you’re not prepared for conceiving, bring freshness to the table and the bathroom 😉 with sex dolls. No more pulling out when you’re on the verge of climax, and tons and tons of unprotected sex = heaven!
  • Suitable for pro and anti-mask people alike. If you’re a pro-mask person, we’re sure you’d like to keep yourselves safe with public hangouts and sex. And anti-mask people, it will be hard for you to get laid if you aren’t practising safety guidelines. Either way, sex will get difficult out of the home. Fortunately, sex dolls don’t play bias. Pro-maskers can order sex at their homes, and anti-mask can get laid at their will. You see, our sex dolls love everyone.
  • Give new meaning to roleplay and fantasies. The virus is not merely about learning new skills, but also about living the fantasies that you never got enough time to execute. You can personalise our sex dolls according to your dreams. BDSM, threesome, or group orgies— enjoy the power to give erotic dimension to your sex life and channelise your sexual creativity with something you’ve never tried.

Now you know how the severity of coronavirus has de-normalised dating, relationships, and hook-ups. Why live a stressful life when you have an ever-listening partner for well-being? Buy sex doll with ‘Safe sex dolls’ and let the virus know— your sex life is hitting new heights.

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