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An interesting creative of a sex dolll position

7 Steamy Sex Positions To Try With Your Sex Doll Tonight!

Why do we buy a full size sex doll? Either to satisfy each of those sexual cravings that we cannot avail from our partners for any reason or to get the ultimate pleasure or once in a lifetime experience of sex by performing a slew of kinky and raunchy kinds of sexual stuff with sex dolls that we are afraid to or shying to do with our partners. Isn’t it?

But, if you are going to do the same stuff and perform the same kinds of sex positions with your life size sex dolls or the tranny sex dolls that you regularly do with your partner, what is the benefit of buying a sex doll? Nothing!

We strongly believe that whether you have bought the sex doll in Canada or the UK, the purpose of sex dolls remain the same- to explore your sexual boundaries. You must try each of those wild and raw sexual fetishes you have dreamt of since you grew bush!

This piece explores the top 7 intimate sexual positions that you must try with your life size sex dolls. Without much ado, let’s learn each of those positions & its advantages in brief.

A. The Eagle Sex Position With a Full Size Sex Doll

If you are an adventurous man who loves to explore new things in bed, you must try this position. In an eagle position, you lay the realistic sex doll on her back and raises and spread her legs in the air. Then you hang over the sex doll, with your hips spread apart but the feet together. Bring the doll’s legs closer to your elbows. Also, make sure that your faces are facing each other.


  • This position allows you to look into her eyes directly, which we think- is a romantic.
  • Also, you can enjoy deep penetration in the eagle position.
  • You won’t require any kind of support or furniture for the position.

B. Legs up Sex Position with a Full Size Sex Doll

If you want to bang your sex doll real hard, the legs up sex position might help you. Lay down the sex doll on the floor or bed. Lift both their legs straight up in the air. Then you sit on your knees closer to her in a position that her ass faces your genitals. Once all settled, slowly enter from behind and then gain momentum.


  • Legs up sex position grant you complete control in action.
  • This position also allows you deeper penetration and harder thrusts.
  • You can also easily grab & feel her boobs in this position.

C. Bent Over Sex Position with a Full Size Sex Doll

If you are a man who loves to enter from behind, you will definitely like this position! Bent over position is comparatively easy and simple. Raise the sex doll in a stand position. Keep her legs together and bend her in the forward direction. For support, stabilize her hands on the ground. Now you simply stand behind her, take control and start banging- till the sunrise!


  • This position allows for deep penetration.
  • You can quickly juggle between anal and pussy, as per your wish!
  • While banging her, you get a full view of her sexy back along with the bouncy ass!

D. Doggy Sex Position with a Full Size Sex Doll

What were we supposed to learn from dogs? Loyalty. What did we learn? Position! (Facepalm)

Doggy position is one of the most popular sex positions among people. All you need to do is- lay down the realistic sex doll on her hands and knees while keeping her legs wide apart. Now you, too, get down on the knees and sit close to her. Slowly enter yourself inside her. For more pleasure, bend the doll a little more in such a way that her ass rises while the face goes down.


  • Complete control of the speed, rhythm, and thrusts.
  • Get a beautiful view of her round butts and the sexy back while banging her.
  • The position allows you deep penetration and powerful thrusting.

E. Missionary Sex Position with a Full Size Sex Doll

Missionary position is an all-time favourite sex position of almost everyone. It is simple, let you dominate the act and offer maximum body contact! Lay down the e cup sex doll on her back while keeping her legs wide open. Now you lie down or hang above the sex doll facing each other. Penetrate her slowly, and then get the momentum.


  • It’s a simple, easy, and enjoyable sex position.
  • Allows maximum body contact.
  • You can caress and kiss the sex doll all over the body while shagging her.

F. Spooning Sex Position with a Full Size Sex Doll

Just like missionary, spooning is also easy and enjoyable. It offers maximum body contact and lets you enter from behind. In this position, you and the sex doll both lie down closely on your sides, facing the same direction. Slowly enter yourself inside her. While shagging, you can grab & kiss her tits, ass, and all over the body to set the mood. 


  • Spooning is easy and simple. You can also perform anal even while being in the same position.
  • It allows you to feel the maximum body of the doll while screwing her.
  • You can kiss, caress, and finger her easily while being in action.

G. Kneeling Wheelbarrow Sex Position with a Full Size Sex Doll

This position demands a good physique or athletic figure. Kneeling wheelbarrow allows you to penetrate her from the back door. Bend the sex doll in the forward direction and place their hands on the ground. You remain standing behind her, with your knees slightly bent. Lift her legs and put them around your waist. Bring yourself closer to her and enter from behind.


  • Provide a thrilling sexual experience.
  • Allow you to penetrate her way deeper than other sex positions.
  • You can also get access to anal and so can juggle between both.

Bottom Line: 

Remember, whether you have bought the sex doll in the UK or Australia- the structure and size of the life size sex dolls remain almost the same. Besides, the purpose of every full size sex doll is to expand your boundaries and experiment every damn wild and willy stuff you have dreamt of in your teenage years. However, make sure that you don’t get seriously injured during the act. Happy Banging!

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