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A young man holding sex doll for men with a balloon in hand

Sex dolls make the best sex bet during social distancing

Hey, cutie pie! Never trust the words “hard times create tough men and women.” We are in the most challenging times of history, and to our surprise, we don’t see any effing tough souls. In fact, it’s weakening everyone of us mentally & physically. If you feel the same, trust us, we are into your […]

Are sex dolls safe?

Even though our business is called Safe Sex Dolls people often question if it is ok to own a sex doll and wonder if they are safe. In short, yes sex dolls are very safe. 1. No risk of pregnancy Sex dolls are safe for many reasons, but one of the most beneficial safety features […]


Can Love Dolls Help a Marriage?

We find often that many married men are uncomfortable talking to their wife about getting a sex doll. However, sex dolls can serve a very real purpose in a monogamous marriage.  1. Difference in Sex Drive Believe it or not, we have a fair number of females purchasing sex dolls for their husbands! The most […]

Real Sexy Sex Doll

Can Dolls Be Better Than Dating?

Although a TPE real sex doll is very realistic it is definitely not a replacement for a human relationship. However, many men find dating in this era more difficult and complex. Let’s face it, dating can be difficult and our needs are not always met even if you have a great relationship. So how can […]

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