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Ai sex dolls

Bye-Bye ladies! I’m dating AI sex dolls

Not long ago, AI companionship was a budding concept and Americans called it science fiction. No one would have thought if it could ever manifest in reality. If you’ve been through the story of a lonely, introverted, and depressed writer from the movie “Her,” you already have the idea what it is to make love […]

Sex doll on bed

How to use a sex doll – Ultimate Guide

There’s so much hesitation around sex dolls that you have no access to basic queries. You can talk on your burnt ironing coil, hung Macbook, heated iPhone, and broken Lamborghini— but sex dolls? Nah! That’s too evil. The idea of virtue-signaling has never pleased me. And since you’re here, I’m sure it doesn’t please you […]

A young man holding sex doll for men with a balloon in hand

Sex dolls make the best sex bet during social distancing

Hey, cutie pie! Never trust the words “hard times create tough men and women.” We are in the most challenging times of history, and to our surprise, we don’t see any effing tough souls. In fact, it’s weakening everyone of us mentally & physically. If you feel the same, trust us, we are into your […]

Are sex dolls safe?

Even though our business is called Safe Sex Dolls people often question if it is ok to own a sex doll and wonder if they are safe. In short, yes sex dolls are very safe. 1. No risk of pregnancy Sex dolls are safe for many reasons, but one of the most beneficial safety features […]

Real Love Sex Doll

This video shows how real these sex dolls are!

We get a variety of questions here at Safe Sex Dolls as you can probably imagine! The most asked questions are usually related to how real will these dolls feel? For instance, people want to know if a sex doll can replace a human relationship all together. We also get asked if the doll will […]

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