167cm Deserai AI Tech Sex Doll 5ft5

From: $3,599.00

Deserai is not just any sex doll, she is an artificially intelligent sex robot (click here to watch the videos below)! She can have an intelligent conversation with you and with her deep learning features the more you talk to her the smarter she gets. She has robotic eyes with built in cameras as well as advanced facial recognition and facial expression capabilities that give her a very life like presence.  She comes with a heating system giving her a real human body temperature. Last but not least she comes with a moaning system and multiple touch sensors so she will moan with hot intense excitement to every touch of her private parts.

Order in next 30 minutes and receive these bonus gifts:

  • USB Heating Rod
  • Vaginal Irrigation Cleaner
  • Blanket
  • Comb
Custom Options
  • AI Tech
  • Same As Photo
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Same As Photo
  • Hair #1
  • Hair #2
  • Hair #3
  • Hair #4
  • Hair #5
  • Hair #6
  • Hair W001
  • Hair W002
  • Hair W003
  • Hair W004
  • Hair W005
  • Hair W006
  • Hair W007
  • Hair W011
  • Hair W012
  • Hair W013
  • Hair W018
  • Hair W022
  • Hair W023
  • Hair W025
  • Hair W026
  • Hair W027
  • Same As Photo
  • Natural
  • Tan
  • White
  • Same As Photo
  • Nails #1 Pink
  • Nails #2 Natural
  • Built In
  • Removable
  • Same As Photo
  • No Pubic Hair #1
  • Pubic Hair #2
  • Pubic Hair #3
  • Pubic Hair #4
  • Pubic Hair #5
  • No Standing
  • Standing

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*NOTE*: This doll is an Artificially Intelligent robot that has mechanisms installed to make her mouth and lips move when she talks so this robot doll is not able to perform oral.

Please see the following demonstration videos showing the dolls communicating in action.




Breast Cup: G Cup
Bust Upper: 96 cm
Bust Under: 66.5 cm
Waist: 58 cm
Hip: 105 cm
Shoulder Width: 38 cm
Arm Length: 69 cm
Palm: 17 cm
Lateral Thigh Length: 102 cm
Inner Thigh: 79 cm
Foot Length: 21 cm
Oral Depth: Can Not Perform Oral
Vagina Depth: 17 cm
Anus Depth: 14 cm
Net Weight: 49 kg
Gross Weight: 70 kg


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Doll Options

You can customize your doll with many different options and each manufacturer have different options. Below you will find a detailed description of all possible options.

Shrugging Shoulders (WM DOLL & SE DOLL)

WM Doll and SE Doll has the option to include Shrugging Shoulders or Fixed Shoulders. These dolls have a metallic flexible skeleton which allows you to pose the doll in various positions.

Shrugging Shoulders

Upgrading to shrugging shoulders allows you more control and flexibility when posing your doll. Specifically, the shrugging skeleton allows for the shoulders to move up and down which is why it is referred to as shrugging shoulders

Fixed Shoulders

Fixed shoulders do not allow the doll’s shoulders to move up and down.

Update Skeleton (JY Doll)

The JY Dolls we sell have a metallic flexible skeleton which allows you to pose the doll in various positions.  The Update Skeleton allows for more flexibility when posing the doll.

The new updated skeleton from JY Doll allows for more flexibility when posing your doll. The updated skeleton comes with 

  • Snap on Head
  • Shrugging Shoulders
  • Squatting
  • Flexible Waist
  • More Flexible Knee Joint

Standing Feet (All Dolls)

All the dolls we sell on Safe Sex Dolls have the option to include Standing or Non Standing Feet. Sex dolls are made from TPE which is a skin like material which surrounds a metal skeleton. The skeleton is needed to allow for the posing of the sex doll. Sex dolls are usually around 60-90 lbs and thus standing a sex doll puts a lot of pressure on the feet of the doll. Therefore, if you would like to stand your doll it is highly recommended to choose the Standing Feet option as it will allow you to stand your doll without damaging your doll.

In short, Standing Feet allows you to stand your doll upright without damaging your doll’s feet. Three bolts are installed to re-enforce your dolls feet to allow it to stand up.

Without the Standing Feet upgrade you will not be able to stand your doll upright without risking damage to your doll’s feet.

Removable Vagina (All Dolls)

All the dolls we sell on Safe Sex Dolls have the option to include Fixed or Removable Vagina

The Fixed Vagina feels the same as the Removable Vagina. The Fixed Vagina is built into the the body of the doll. This makes it more time consuming and difficult to clean, but looks more realistic.

The Removable Vagina is an insert that can be removed for easier cleaning.

Note: The photo on the left shows the Removable Vagina Insert sticking out half way. Once installed it will not be visible.


TPE Options (JY Doll)

The JY Dolls that we sell at Safe Sex Dolls have the option for the skin to be created with Normal TPE, Jelly TPE, or Platinum TPE.


Normal TPE is the first version of TPE which is the standard TPE that is used for most dolls.

Jelly TPE is a softer feeling material that shakes more when you slap it or hit it.

Platinum TPE is premium material which does not require the need to oil it or use talcum powder after moving it. It also has a more realistic feel to it for maximum pleasure.

If you have any further questions about any of our doll options please drop us an email at [email protected]

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