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Sex Doll Care & Maintenance

We sell the best quality sex dolls available on the market today. Since you purchased a top quality sex doll from our website your doll can last between 5 – 10 years with proper care and maintenance. This is a good time to point out that cheap sex dolls (less than $1000 USD) purchased from poor quality manufacturers may not even last 1 year even if properly cared for so be careful. Always make sure you are buying your sex dolls from a reputable and authentic reseller such as Safe Sex Dolls.

Even though you have a top quality sex doll you still must care for it properly to make sure it lasts as long as possible. You must store it properly, clean it thoroughly after use, take care of its skin, use lubricants (water based only), and adjust its skeleton with care.

Handling and Moving your Sex Doll

It’s a great first step that you bought a high quality TPE sex doll from Safe Sex Dolls, but your doll should still be treated with care. Understand that TPE is soft so that if feels like skin so it can suffer damage just like real skin can if not treated with care. High quality TPE dolls like we sell here at are heavy so it is important to take care when moving your doll. You want to make sure that you do not drop it or knock it on an object while moving her as her TPE skin is delicate and be damaged easily. When moving her joints they will be stiff at first so move her limbs slowly as she is being broken in. When positioning your doll, make sure that you are not stretching her skin too far for too long.

Cleaning your Sex Doll

Always clean your sex doll’s orifices thoroughly after use. If you do not clean your doll after use harmful bacteria can grow which is bad for you and can also deteriorate the doll’s body.

Do’s for cleaning your doll

  • Use anti bacterial soap, warm water, and the vaginal irrigator to clean your doll.
  • Be cautious around the doll’s eyes and eyelids as you do not want to wet these areas.
  • Use light pressure to gently wash your doll.
  • After cleaning, dry it with a sponge or non abrasive cloth to soak up any moisture.
  • Once your doll is dry, apply talcum powder or corn starch to the exterior of the orifice and body as this will soak up any leftover moisture and improve the touch/feeling of the doll’s skin.
  • To clean the head you should use a sponge and gently clean small areas of the face at a time.

Dont’s for cleaning your doll

  • Never use a hair dryer to dry your doll as the heat can cause damage to your doll’s skin!
  • Do not use dish soap as it works too harshly as it is made to remove food stains.
  • Do not use rubbing alcohol or bleach as these will break down the TPE material and damage your doll.
  • Do not submerge the head in water as this can cause rust to build up in the screw joint between the head and body.

Storing your Sex Doll

How you store your doll is very important to the longevity of your doll. When storing your doll make sure that the arms and legs are straight and parallel to the body when not use. If your doll’s arms or legs are in a bent position for extended periods of time your doll’s skin can get creases or skin folds which look like scars and can even weaken the skin around the joints of your doll. It is best to store your doll by either hanging it from a hook or in a crate with the arms and legs parallel to the body.

As mentioned above, do not store your doll with any clothing to prevent staining your doll’s skin.


You should always use lubricants with your doll as it feels better and will increase the longevity of your doll. You should ONLY use water based lubricants as other types of lubricants (especially silicone based lubricants) will damage the TPE material that your doll’s skin is made out of.

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